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I offer Health & WellBeing programs for groups in and out of work settings

These programs can be tailored, on consultation, to the groups needs.

Workplace Wellbeing Course
(1.5 hours a week for 4 weeks)

Balancing responsibilities and recharging our energy stores allows us to do the work we do and be the people we are on a daily basis. Self-care tools help us to find a personal balance in offering compassion to our colleagues, patients, clients and family, without forgetting about our own needs and becoming depleted. 

Mindful Self -Care Course
4-6 hours course 
(Can be given in a half a day or 1-1.5 hours per week)

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Journaling

  • Gentle Body Mind self-enquiry 

  • Ownership of personal issues 

  • Mindful communication, Acceptance of multiple perspectives

  • Orientating towards resilience & personal growth 

Leaning Into Celtic Calendar
6-8 sessions per calendar year
(or individually delivered)

Using the Celtic Calendar can be a really beautiful way to appreciate the rhythm of the seasons.

As well as helping natives and non-natives to plug into the Irish Culture in a grounding and affirming way that encourages a sense of belonging within this Celtic country. 

Shorter Mindful Interventions (1 Hour)

Work Life Balance

 Beginning with meditation we sense the balance we are currently holding between our work, financial, social & and spiritual commitments.

Using journaling and inner sensing we see what is needed to cultivate our felt sense of Health & WellBeing.

Joyful Mindfulness

This meditation is a counterbalance to the Minds bias towards fear and negativity. We actively search for joyful feelings within the body and luxuriate in their presence. 

Moving from Reaction To a Chosen Response

This Mindfulness session allows us to play with the possibility of creating a ‘pause button’  that helps us to respond rather than react unconsciously to personal interactions. Great for parents, partners, friends and co-workers!. 

Getting Out Of My Mind & Into My Body

This is a somatic meditation that helps us to notice the possibility of movement from our thinking mind into the experience of more embodiment. 

Mindful Journaling

This session introduces the practice of Mindful journaling and can stimulate our creative flow. Journaling can also help us to process difficult emotions or allow us to record daily appreciations and great memories.

Understanding Myself & Others

This is a Mindful meditation that helps us to create some separation between our world and the world of other. It helps us to increase our awareness of what reactions are our own and the effect that other people’s beliefs or opinions may be having on us and why. 

Self Care

 Through sitting meditation and the use of some relaxation aids we assess how we are today and what more we need to care for ourselves now and in general

Benefits of Mindful WellBeing

Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice that can strongly influence Health & WellBeing.

It's strength is in its cumulative ability to affect neurological, physiological, and behavioural change.

These trainings are mindfully designed to dynamically and holistically Impact the following;

Clarity, memory, attention & decision making  skills

Self-awareness and capacity for emotional regulation

Ability to deal with stress

Creativity & Collaboration

Acceptance & Diversity 

Balance of work / life / parenting

Access to relaxation 

Ability to de-fuse & re-source

Ability to engage relationally / team work

Feelings of WellBeing 

Ability to engage relationally / team work

Depression & Anxiety

 Positive Health choices

Acute & Chronic Pain

     Lowering of Blood Pressure 

Companies I've
Worked With

As an Occupational Health Nurse Specialist and founder of Occupational Wellbeing Company Safetyworks I have consulted and trained in many public, private and voluntary organisations 



Why Not Try a Session For Free?

 I offer an initial 30 min consultation session which allows us to meet and explore your needs.  It will allow you to get a sense of the work and space I offer and what it might be like to embark upon the therapy journey together. It also helps me to get a sense of what difficulties you are facing and ensure that I am the right person to assist you.

Booking Sessions
(Sessions are one hour in length)
1 Hour Session - €70
I Offer 2 weekly low-cost spaces (€50)

Enquires Welcome


Hollywood Village

West Wicklow, Co.Wicklow

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