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Siân Keary

My journey in the Healing Profession began over 30 years ago as a student nurse working in general medicine. By the time I qualified I had gained experience in a range of Health treatment approaches such as acute medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, chronic illnesses and psychiatry. 


After some travel, nursing work in remote areas 

I decided to return to my native Ireland and make a move into Occupational Health medicine where I studied Health Promotion & Health Surveillance amongst other things. This allowed me to work in companies helping them to positively influence staff in their MindBody health and thus began my WellBeing Work. 

In 2017 I chose to add Psychotherapy training  to my medicine bag and return to private practice. ​Having worked for years as a health educator it seemed to me that something deeper was needed in order for people to really harness their own sense of possibility, peace and ease.  It was partly an admission, to myself, of the complexity that we all carry within. An admission of how our outer lives often do not reflect our inner lives and no matter how we try we often become unexpectedly unseated or find ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns with a desire to suffer less, be more, or experience more vitality.




My psychotherapy training of choice was an MA in Mindfulness training known as Core Process. It is a UKCP accredited, unique training taught in a retreat centre in Dartmoor UK which brings together Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology. The essence of the training is to develop the ability to become present with oneself and clients.


This means developing the ability to quieten the mind, come into the body and regulate your nervous system. When you attend a Core Process practitioner part of what happens is that this ability to regulate, quieten the mind and become present begins, over time, to be absorbed by the client. In this presence a lot of transformation can take place because there is spaciousness and greater awareness. So the work is both verbal and non-verbal.


Sian Keary Psychotherapist
"Together we orientate to creating a space within which greater health can arise."
Embodying Wellbeing Location
"This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness."
A quote from the Mindfully embodied poet Mary Oliver


Hollywood Village

West Wicklow, Co.Wicklow

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