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"Join heart and mind and focus on accessing and attuning to your mind and body's own innate wisdom"

Siân Keary, M.D. Embodying WellBeing


Siân Keary
MA Core Process Psychotherapy
 Wellbeing Specialist

ICP, IAHIP & UKCP accredited Psychotherapist & Counsellor with over 25+ years of experience as an Occupational Health Specialist and Educator. 

Approved by VHI, Laya and Irish Life Matters. (Check with your health insurance provider for full or part refund of session fees)

I offer:

  • 1:1 Mindfulness Psychotherapy and Counselling (F2F & Online) 

  • Tailored WellBeing programs for Corporate and Community Groups

I offer a safe and confidential environment that invites exploration into any of life's difficulties you may be experiencing.

Sian Keary Therapy
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My Approach

The psychotherapy that I offer is Mindfulness & Relational psychotherapy. 


It is effective both for particular issues such as anxiety, crises or times of transition and also for deeper work that increases our ability to function and live more fully in this world.  


Within this work I am dedicated to the creation of a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space which creates the potential for healing and growth. Here the difficulties you are experiencing can begin to be explored, processed and witnessed within a supportive therapeutic relationship.


Together we orientate towards balance of Body, Mind & Emotions unearthing your own innate wisdom, health & wellbeing. 

My approach is a two pronged approach which aims to affect changes in the Body and Mind. 


Through neuroscientific research based modalities and Eastern Mindfulness practices we work together to create greater awareness and ability to process whatever difficulties you are having.


Though it is an approach that reaches complexity within our psyches we work in a way that is simple, effective, compassionate and gentle to our BodyMind.

Sian Keary Safe Space
Sian Keary with client

I offer a compassionate and confidential space where individuals or groups can engage in meaningful conversations.

Through these conversations, you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, gaining valuable insight into your challenges.

My specialized approach empowers you to develop effective strategies to manage stress, anxiety, depression, or other concerns, ultimately fostering positive transformations in your life and enhancing your emotional well-being.


 Try a Session For Free

 I offer an initial 30 min consultation session which allows us to meet and explore your needs.  It will allow you to get a sense of the work and space I offer and what it might be like to embark upon the therapy journey together. It also helps me to get a sense of what difficulties you are facing and ensure that I am the right person to assist you.

Booking Sessions
(Sessions are one hour in length)
1 Hour Session - €70
I Offer 2 weekly low-cost spaces (€50)

Enquires Welcome


Hollywood Village

West Wicklow, Co.Wicklow

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